Nightmares of a Figurative Reality
Pictures and quotes of the monsters within and throughout the world around us ... xo
When you’re not sure if he’s serious about you…
The beauty that comes out of pain is the best thing in the world
"You know I night I’ll call you
After my blood turns into alcohol"
Ed Sheeran ✌️😘
"With a thousand eyes on me, I’m stumblin"
"Sorry for the smile I’m wearing out."
There is ONE girl I honestly HATE .. And if she doesn’t realise it , she’s further up her own ass than I thought.
"The Bitter Fucking Truth
•People will be fucking shitty.
•Your parents are going to do things wrong.
•sex happens
•your first love won’t work
•you’ll have and be a disappointment
•you’ll cry yourself to sleep at night
•you’re going to die no matter how smart, stupid or risky you are
•you and the people closest to you will die, as well as the life you know
•you will have sad moments, days, years
•you will have painful memories
•one day you’ll realise nothing fucking matters but being happy with yourself and being proud on how you turned out.
That’s Life. Get Over It."
Oh oh oh oh Oh OH fuck
"Destroy me Darling, I beg of you."